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Now this list is forever changing… Makeup is the only thing I spend money on like it’s nothing. I like to try new products and sometimes that new one replaces an old favorite. Sometimes for only a week or so, sometimes until the next new thing comes along.

This list is of my current favorites. I have oily, but dehydrated (seasonally) skin and these work great for me. I understand that what works for my skin may not work for yours, that’s why I brought on my friend Mary who has extremely dry skin to share her favorites as well. Mary is my salon makeup artist and so talented. You can follow some of her work on her Instagram . I’ll go mostly in order of how we apply them and list both of our faves. I hope to have my first makeup tutorial video in the next couple of weeks (I’m still learning how to edit 😂).

I will tell you that I think the most important thing though is your tools. So I’ll start with that. You will never get that beautiful eyeshadow-crease-transition with out a blending brush. Invest in a good set of brushes, they really aren’t pricey anymore. The brush world has come a long way. I will have a more in-depth video soon about applications and tools.

Im not going to go in-depth about the products or why I love them, except for the tools. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask us.


Jenna’s Favorites-

*Real Techniques sponge- a sponge has been my go-to for almost 6 years for all skin types and liquid foundation. It makes your foundation sit properly on the skin without any brush strokes or harsh lines. (Also Mary’s favorite)

*Morphe Brushes- these are the best, most affordable brushes I have found. Here are some of my “must-haves”

Mary’s Favorite-

*Stippling brushes, these start out dense at the neck and taper out to a more feathered texture at the ends. This helps the product spread softly and evenly to ensure it doesn’t stick to any dry patches.


Jenna’s Favorites-

*Maybelline Master Prime

*L’Oréal Infallible Matte

Mary’s Favorites-

*Becca Backlight


Jenna’s Favorites-

* L’Oreal Pro Matte full

*Urbana Decay Weightless Naked

*Sephora powder

Mary’s Favorites-

*Covergirl Vitalist Elixir

*L’Oreal Pro Glow


Jenna’s Favorites-

*Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser.

*Tart Shape Tape (Also Mary’s favorite!)

*Urban Decay Naked

Mary’s Favorites-

*NARS Soft Cream Matte

Setting powder-

Jenna’s Favorites-

*RCMA No Color Powder

No Favorites for Mary, dry skin+powder= cakeface


Jenna’s Favorites-

*Too faced Chocolate Bronzer (Also Mary’s favorite!)

*ABH (Anastasia Beverly Hill) Bronzer

Mary’s Favorite-

*NARS Laguna Bronzer


Jenna’s Favorites-

*NARS (Orgasm is my absolute favorite of all time)


Mary’s Favorites-

*Milani Luminosa

*Tarte blushes


Jenna’s Favorites-

*Urban Decay Afterglow

*ABH Amrezy (Also Mary’s favorite!)

Mary’s Favorite-

*Pat McGrath highlighter stick

Eye Shadow-

Jenna’s Favorites-

*Morphe X Jaclyn Hill palette

*ABH Soft Glam palette

Mary’s Favorites-

*MakeUp Geek shadows (“Bitten” is her fav)

*MAC shadows (“Cork” is her fav)


Jenna’s Favorites-

*Kat Von D Tattooed Liner (Also Mary’s favorite)

*Urban Decay 24/7 liner in “perversion”

Mary’s Favorites-

*MAC Fluidline in “blacktrack”


Jenna’s Favorites-

*L’Oreal Telescopic

* L’Oreal Lash Paradise

Mary’s Favorite-

*L’Oreal Voluminous


Jenna’s Favorites-

*ABH Dip Brow

*ABH Clear Brow Gel to set

Mary’s Favorites-

*ABH Brow Definer

*ABH Colored Gel

Setting Spray-

Jenna’s Favorite-

*MAC Fix+ (Also Mary’s favorite)

Mary’s Favorite-

*Urban Decay Quick Fix


Ok, Ok…… confession…. I don’t wear anything on my lips, ever. I talk too much and never stop drinking coffee so its pointless for me. If I do on the rare occasion wear it, it is ABH liquid lipstick.

Mary’s Favorites-

*Lancôme Juicy Shakers

*Burt’s Bees chapstick

I hope this was helpful! Like I said, this list is forever changing….. and if you need any specific recommendations, feel free to ask!

XOXO Jenna