About Me

I am a wife, Mom, and boss. Some days are better then others, but I love sharing my knowledge with others. I love giving hair and makeup tips/tricks. I love giving new moms advise (respectfully of course). I also have this beautiful gift of being able to see both sides of a story and understand both.

I have been married for almost 6 years, together for almost 11. Brandon and I are a great team. He is so quiet, and so shy, most don’t know how we ended up together. The truth is, opposites attract. He is my better half. He is my kindness, my calmness. I am his mouth, and his financial advisor (he so needs that). He is a wood worker and all around handy man. We don’t usually do projects together for the sake of our marriage, but I will blog some of his amazing diy home improvements.

Then we have Scarlett…. sweet, crazy, 4 going on 14, Scarlett. She is NOTHING like her father and I. So outgoing and friendly. She doesn’t meet a stranger. She is a firecracker with a quick mouth. Oh boy, does she complete us.

We live in Southern Maryland in our first home that my husband swears I will love after all of our renovations in 2018, so stay tuned. I have 2 dogs, Henry (yorkie/Maltese mix) & Halo (mutt) and 2 cats, Duchess (MY FAVORITE THING ON THIS EARTH) and Cali (the huntress). I also foster cats for Rescue Angels of Southern Maryland. My animals are my escape, they help me so much with my stress… specifically Duchess 😍.